• Telecom/CSP Audits

  • Revenue Assurance

  • Fraud Consulting

  • IT Process Advisory

  • Managed Services

  • Content Aggregation

What AAKKU do?

Aakku Media Network (AMN) is a proven driver for Media Industry and Telecom Consultation globally. Our firms around the globe help clients improve their content as a service and provide worthy insights into Revenue and Fraud Management. As a AAKKU Media Network, we focus on industry leading peoples and talents to empowers our partners to achieve more than they could elsewhere. Our work benefits 100% to our clients to achieve targeted goals with action and integrity. We believe in our client's growth.

Our Services

Audit Survey for Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management for CSPs

We conduct in-depth audits for Revenue assurance and Fraud Management for content service providers (Telecom Operators). Also, we have a tie-ups with industry leading products to conduct surveys across Business Assurance, Fraud Management, and Cyber Security domains.

Range Of Managed Services

We serve and manages best in class Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management software implementation in the world with our expertise in revenue assurance processes, we create value and business differentiation by taking a holistic view of the causes of your revenue leakage.


We support our clients to perfectly execute digital campaign to get most out of it. Our expertise in campaigning strategically for marketers to achieve a particular goal. We can support from creating a buzz about a product to building a new brand. We work on understanding the audience, creating a strategy, and executing it according to a defined plan.


We support our clients by building top notch e-commerce platform with the best integrated financial solution to get ease of experience. Also, we provide full start-to-end assurance about their revenue. We also provide the IT process improvement/enhancement services to improve in-house processes to get best results and gain market share.

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